Refund Policy for
Last Updated on October 18th, 2019
there are NO REFUNDS on the setup, monthly, annual and/or admin SUBSCRIPTION fees paid on

If you do not agree to WWW.orderMACKSFUNNEL.COM's (NO REFUND) policy, then please do NOT purchase at this time. We (WWW.orderMACKSFUNNEL.COM), its affiliates, suppliers, vendors, etc…) will NOT be responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a direct or indirect result of your chosen participation in our services.

In addition, we do have firm CANCELLATION INSTRUCTIONS for the WWW.orderMACKSFUNNEL.COM's subscription in place, and in full view of the member, to be able to execute in a timely fashion. We require an advance notice of NO LESS THAN (3) days for any and all requests for a WWW.orderMACKSFUNNEL.COM subscription payment to cease.

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